What Is Technology?


Technology is a field that deals with the application of scientific knowledge to practical situations. It increases the utility of products and services and contributes to value creation. It helps in providing better living conditions and improves the quality of life of people. It also makes humans more efficient by eliminating manual labor. It is currently among the most important necessities of the world.

The word “technology” is often used in the context of consumer products like mobile phones, the internet, big TV’s and HiFi’s. However, when it comes to business, technology has a more narrow definition. In the business world, it often refers to Information Technology (IT) which is a broad term that includes computers, servers and software.

A very few discoveries can be transformed directly into a useful idea or product, and the majority of technological progress is gradual. This step-by-step process helps in establishing a strong base, validating underlying ideas and testing them against reality. It is not uncommon for apparently promising early technologies to stall midway through the process.

In the classroom, students can use a variety of digital tools to connect with their peers and share work with instructors. Web-conferencing software, blogs, wikis and social media sites are just some of the tools that have been shown to increase student engagement and help them to learn more effectively. In addition, Internet connectivity allows students to collaborate with peers in their school, other schools and countries around the globe – making projects more exciting for everyone involved.