What Is News?


News is a form of communication that provides information that is new or novel. It may be transmitted over radio, television or the Internet.

For example, the assassination of Mrs Gandhi would have been a newsworthy event. However, there is more to news than just the assassination of an individual.

An insect discovery, for instance, is a major story if it relates to the discovery of a new species. It could be a big news if it were discovered by a scientist, or could be just a minor blip if it were discovered by a botanist.

A coup d’etat in your own country is a big story. A couple’s announcement at a family gathering is another.

A dog biting a man is not a news story. It is not even a novelty. However, it is interesting and may be fun to read about.

In order to make a good news story, the reporter must focus on the people involved. It is not enough to make the story about a dog or a bug.

The best news story will also be the most intriguing to its readers. This is no mean feat. Fortunately, technology has made the process easier. In fact, there are now special documentary films that explore the subject in greater detail.

Several models have been proposed in recent years to determine what makes a news story. The Mirror Model, for example, states that the most effective news is a story that accurately represents the real world.