What is News?


News is the reporting of new information, often about events that happened recently. It can be reported by newspapers, radio and television.

The definition of news is very broad, and can cover many kinds of information. However, news is usually a story about people that is unusual, interesting or significant.

There are also things that make news that are not about people, such as weather or a natural disaster. These are important to report because they change our daily lives in some way, such as droughts and cyclones.

Breaking News

A breaking news report is a piece of news that breaks as soon as it becomes public knowledge. It may be about a political event, a natural disaster or an accident that causes major damage.

Generally, breaking news is the most important type of news. It can be very exciting and is likely to generate a lot of interest in your audience.

Writing a News Article

The first step in writing a news article is to write a lead statement that gives all the key facts about the story. This is similar to writing a thesis statement for an essay, and it will tell your reader what the rest of your article will contain.

Next, you will need to write an outline that includes the main facts and other details that support your lead statement. This will help your reader follow the main points of your story and will allow you to transition smoothly to new information as you go along.