What Is News?


News is a type of report that contains current information about a particular event. It can be transmitted through various media. In the 20th century, radio and television became important methods of spreading news.

Since the advent of the Internet, news has become more readily available. This has led to a growing interest in social developments. The rise of social media has also influenced the types of content that are included in news stories.

News stories are selected based on the impact that they have on readers. The impact can be positive or negative. A good story will have a lot of positive overtones while a bad story will have negative overtones.

The news selection process is an important aspect of journalism. It has been described as as important as the actual events being reported.

There are four main types of news. They are: human interest, conflict, entertainment, and surprise. Each of these has a specific meaning.

Human interest stories can be about a person or group of people. These stories can be emotional and may include animals, show business, and entertainment. Entertainment stories can include comedy and humor.

Conflict stories can be about violence or a war. Stories that deal with the confrontation of two or more groups can have a positive impact on the reader. On the other hand, war can have a negative impact on the reader.

Entertainment stories can also have a positive or negative impact on the reader. Some of these stories might involve sex, scandal, and timely content. Other stories can include funny headlines and entertaining photographs.