What is Law?

Law is a set of rules created by the state that forms a framework to ensure a peaceful society and if these rules are broken sanctions can be imposed. Different approaches to the concept of Law have been developed over time. It is not easy to give a definition of Law as legal systems vary and people have different views.

Law provides a way to resolve disagreements peacefully without physical conflict. For example, if two people claim ownership of property the courts can decide who is the rightful owner. Law also helps to protect individual rights and freedoms, keeps society stable and secure, and ensures that government and public officials carry out their duties.

Another important function of law is its protection of people’s expectations and this is particularly connected to the question of legitimacy. This aspect of law is reflected in the debates about the concept of constitutional law and constitutional democracy.

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The field of law covers a wide range of subjects and there are many interesting research questions to explore. For a general overview of the topic see: legal education; legal profession; and legal systems.