What is Fashion?


Fashion is a popular way of dressing that tells people who you are. It is like a first impression, and it can be an understated whisper or a high-energy scream. The fashion industry is a multibillion dollar global enterprise that includes the design, manufacture, and sale of clothing and accessories. Fashion has become integrated into the culture of societies around the world, a form of art that is often expressed in painting, music, and dance.

Fashion trends often develop because of specific circumstances or events. For example, when women’s waistlines were held tight by corsets, long skirts and Pagoda sleeves (that began at the shoulder and extended down to the elbow) developed to give them a more elegant look. Later, when women started to work and go out more, they needed something that allowed them to move. Men’s pants developed from the knee-high breeches of the early 19th century. And the famous Levi jeans of today began with copper rivets on key stress points to extend the life of the garment and make it more durable for blue-collar workers.

Today, modern Westerners have a huge choice of clothes to wear. It is unlikely that what they wear will exactly match somebody else’s fashion, but they can often choose clothes that are similar to those worn by celebrities or people they respect. When people who have a lot of cultural status start to wear new or different styles, they inspire others to copy them, and a fashion trend is born.