What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a general term that refers to popular styles of dress, hairstyle and accessories. It is also applied to the way people act, speak and behave. Fashions are a form of social identification and can be used to demonstrate solidarity with other groups or to show individuality. Fashions can be closely tied to social change, but may also reflect personal taste and the financial interests of the fashion industry.

While fashions often become victims of their own success, gaining such popularity that they are virtually impossible to wear in any other era without looking out of date or even costumey, it is not uncommon for some of these same styles to resurface at later dates and remain “in fashion” for longer periods. New discoveries or influences from exotic or lesser-known parts of the world can also serve as an impetus for fashion trends to emerge.

As a result, the definition of fashion is highly subjective. It can be as simple as wearing what everyone else is wearing, or it can be as sophisticated as designing your own clothes from scratch based on current trends. The key to fashion is balance. Whether it is the balance of colors, fabric textures or body shapes, all the elements must work together in perfect harmony to achieve the ideal look. For example, a simple pair of jeans could be made to look more fashionable by adding embroidery or changing the color of the belt.