What is Entertaiment?

Entertaiment is a term that describes the activities that keep people happy and occupied. Some examples of entertainment include shows and movies, zoo animals, and music. It may also be used to describe news items and other events. The word has many synonyms and idiomatic expressions.

The term “entertainment” is often abbreviated ENTMT and is used in television news banners and headlines. Its usage is more specialized in the entertainment industry, but it has a broader definition. For example, Frank Bellew’s book The Art of Amusing Yourself explains the definition of “entertainment” as “anything that amuses oneself”. A book that is full of ribald descriptions, racist cartoons, and funny stories is an example of entmt.

Regardless of the format of entertainment, it’s important to choose the right kind for the event or occasion to maximize its impact. From the simplest movie theater production to the most elaborate night of dancing, choosing the right type of entertainment can make the whole event a memorable event. Make sure to choose an entertainer with a good sense of humor and an ability to win over the crowd. Entertaiment is sometimes abbreviated as entmt, but can be a broad term.