What Is a Team Sport?

Team sport

A team sport is any game that involves more than one player. Typically, team sports require collaboration and partnership between teammates to win. They also emphasize the importance of building a close-knit group that is supportive and able to work together regardless of their individual strengths or weaknesses.


Working together on a team is an essential life skill that kids learn through playing team sports. From learning how to communicate effectively with teammates to balancing practice, games, schoolwork and other responsibilities, team sports teach children to prioritize their tasks and manage their time well. These skills will benefit them throughout their lives and in all aspects of their careers and relationships.

Problem Solving

Being part of a team requires the ability to think on your feet and make decisions quickly. Athletes must be able to trust and rely on their teammates while being attentive to the actions of their opponents at all times.


Team sports encourage athletes to take on leadership roles and be role models for their fellow players. This is especially important for young girls and women as it can help them develop self-confidence, assertiveness, independence and a positive sense of identity.

Team sports offer athletes two sources of motivation: a desire to be the best on their own squad and a desire to beat external opponents. Both of these drive athletes to strive for excellence and develop respect for others. Losing can be a hard pill to swallow but learning from losses and taking them as unique opportunities to improve is an invaluable lesson that every athlete should be taught.