Types of Technology

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to practical aims, including the change and manipulation of the human environment. Technological innovations have contributed to economic growth, increased comfort and quality of life, medical advances, and more. However, technological tools can also disrupt social hierarchies, cause pollution and harm individuals or groups. Technological development requires complex manufacturing, construction techniques and companies; and their designers, builders, operators and users require sophisticated general and specific training.

Education Technology

Education technology is a growing field in which teachers and students are using more sophisticated tools to improve student learning. These tools include digital resources that allow students to take ownership of their own learning and track their progress. They can also be used to make administrative processes more efficient, which will allow schools to reach more students.

Business Technology

The technology behind the Internet is a great example of how powerful modern technology can be. It allows us to communicate with people all over the world and conduct businesses that would otherwise not be possible. It can help businesses scale their operations and compete with larger, more established competitors. It is important for businesses to keep up with this changing technology in order to remain competitive.

A common misconception is that there are different types of technology, but the term ‘technology’ refers to all kinds of technologies. However, there are six different categories of technology, each with a unique function that aims to improve a particular process.