Types of News


News is a complex and evolving form of media. Its primary purpose is to educate and inform people. But it can be a source of entertainment, too. Newspapers, for example, often feature cartoons and crossword puzzles. While news stories should never be dull, they should also be written with a light touch.

News is categorized into two major types: newsworthy and unnewsworthy. Newsworthy items have the highest news value, which is usually first in the bulletin and on Page One of the paper. Lesser news, such as the death of a peasant farmer, may be given less attention and will be published later or on an inside page.

News is also often the subject of controversy. During a government crackdown, the Internet can be a major source for news, as media outlets can easily be shut down. Mobile devices, however, can be harder to track, and this has helped create citizen journalists. But when the news is presented in the news, it is important to remember that the media aren’t impartial.

Entertainment stories are stories about celebrities and show business. These stories can be humorous or serious, and may also be a source of newsworthy events. They may feature photographs or witty headlines. Other types of news can be classified as entertainment, including sex, conflict, and human interest.