The Importance of Relationships


Relationships are defined by the closeness of two or more people. This connection can be emotional, physical, financial or a combination of these things. Relationships can be casual and involve a surface-level exchange of interactions, or they can be more serious and require a high level of trust, regular communication, and mutual support.

In healthy relationships, both parties give and take equally. This can include the amount of time and affection given or received, how much energy is given to the relationship, how often each person talks to one another, how well they remember details about each other, and how satisfied each feels with their sex life (for those in romantic relationships). A balanced relationship should feel even, but it’s not always easy to achieve.

A good relationship is a source of support for your personal and professional goals. In addition to the obvious benefits, being in a good relationship can help you be more confident in taking risks and chasing your dreams because it gives you a “soft place to fall” should things not work out. It can also make mundane tasks like grocery shopping or heating up leftovers more fun because you have someone to hang out with while doing them. It’s especially nice to have a supportive partner during those years after college when your friends are busy with their careers and scattered around the world. They can cheer you on when you’re up and comfort you when you’re down.