The Importance of News for Learning English


News is an important source of information. It is often used to educate the public, to keep them informed of events in their community or country and to promote certain political views. News may also be used to warn people of potential dangers and disasters. It is sometimes also used to encourage people to become involved in community or social affairs. The importance of News varies greatly from society to society, though, and what is considered newsworthy in one culture might not be the same in another.

A good News story is new, unusual, interesting, significant and about people. An event such as an assassination might fit all of these criteria, for example, but it would not be newsworthy if it had happened the day before. The same event might be very newsworthy if it was the first time that it had ever occurred, however.

When selecting News articles to use for learning English, it is important to select sources that are accurate and that can be understood by the student. It is also helpful to choose sources that are available in a variety of formats. Many newspapers and large magazines, for example, have multiple versions of the same article to allow students with different learning styles to find something they can understand.

If possible, it is also a good idea to select sources that offer humorous or interesting aspects of the news. This will help to make the news more entertaining for the students and to encourage them to read it.