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Latex Surgical Gloves (Sterile and Lightly Powdered): Box of 50 Pairs. All sizes.

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Latex Gloves. Disposable. Sterile. Lightly Powdered. Surgical Grade. Ambidextrous. Single Use
Only. Beaded cuff. Fully textured. Accelerators. Coated gloves.


  1. Non-Ambidextrous
  2. Sterile
  3. 50 pairs per box
  4. Pre-Powdered 6. FDA 510(k)

Powdered latex surgical gloves allow for a large range of manual dexterity. The cuff of the glove extends well past the wrist to cover a large range of bacteria. Surgical gloves are more resistant to tearing than traditional examination gloves in order to protect the hands during high-risk situations. Packed in sterile pairs.

Grip options: Available in smooth or micro-roughened finish

Optimal finger dimensions: Designed to reduce bagginess at the fingertips and reduce excessive tightness.

Comfortable pal design: Designed to enhance comfort and reduce hand fatigue throughout even the longest procedures.

Anatomical finger design: Designed to replicate the natural, curved shape if the hand.

Innovative cuff design: Designed with thicker material to reduce cuff tearing and narrower circumference to reduce cuff rolldown.

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Container Box of 50 pairs
Brand Medint
Color White
Sterile Yes
Material Latex
Ambidextrous No
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