Home Improvement – Adding Value to Your Home

Home improvement is a wide range of activities that can add value to your home. These projects can include repairs, maintenance, remodeling, or the installation of fixtures and additions. A homeowner who chooses to undertake a home improvement project can either do the work themselves or hire professionals.

Homeowners have increased their spending on home improvement projects over the past few years. This increase in spending is due to rock-bottom interest rates, as well as a growing sense of satisfaction with their homes. The types of home improvement projects surging the most are those that focus on work outside the house, such as landscaping, deck construction, and fence construction.

When choosing a contractor for a home improvement project, make sure to get estimates from several companies and carefully compare the terms of each contract. Look for a contract that includes a timeline for the completion of the project, a payment schedule, and as many specifics as possible, such as the type or brand of materials to be used. It’s also a good idea to check a contractor’s license and insurance.

Although some home improvements don’t yield a high return when it comes time to sell, other projects can be very profitable and increase a home’s value significantly. The key is to avoid splurging on items that are overly personal and will not appeal to a large number of potential buyers. Performing simple tasks such as replacing worn doorknobs, cleaning out gutters and filling in cracks in sidewalks can have a significant impact on a home’s overall appearance and value.