Buy the Right Needle for Administering Meds

Needles have two primary functions in the medical field: to take blood out of the patient or to administer meds into the patient. However, this does not mean that all syringes are the same or can be used interchangeably between different functions. In fact, it is critical that medical staff use the correct "gauge" needle for what they are doing as this can have serious consequences for the patient.

The type of syringe that needs to be used is often based on the material and the function because these are the two primary factors that affect the size that will prove most effective. When drawing blood from a patient, the needle point and length is larger because blood is a thick liquid that needs to travel from the needle into the vial to be sent to the lab. Another common use for syringes is in the administration of insulin for diabetic patients.

When purchasing syringes through an online medical vendor, it is important to ensure that this manufacturer is reliable and offers high quality products that are sterile and accurate for the intended use. Whether you are buying for a medical office or home use, you need to identify whether the needles are for insulin use or a tuberculin syringe which is smaller and utilized for TB tests and giving of the antigen. All syringes should remain in the package until you are ready to use and then discarded safely after the one-time administration of the appropriate medication.